Leoni Torres celebrates the million views of "Never go": "Thank you all"

The Cuban singer Leoni Torres He thanked all his followers for having made it possible for his song “Never go away” to have already surpassed one million views on YouTube just one month after it was released.

With a short fragment of the clip, the beloved Cuban interpreter left the message to his followers, who did not take long to shower him with congratulations and wishes that he continue to achieve success.

“A beautiful theme, a video. You could not expect less! Congratulations”; “I love it, talent from my Camagüey”; “Congratulations. Much success for you … I love this song”; “Your followers are growing every day for your beautiful music … that which makes us happy and makes our souls fall in love … blessings for you and your team … all of you are wonderful”; “You deserve it your songs are exceptional”; “Congratulations !!! Good music deserves a good reception!” Were some of the comments that followed his post, including one from Carlos Enrique Almirante, who directed the clip and wanted to publicly send congratulations to the entire team and give thanks for having counted on him.

Instagram / Leoni Torres

Just one month after the song was released on the audiovisual platform par excellence, Youtube, the clip has already managed to exceed one million views.

Leoni Torres, faithful to the close and respectful relationship he always maintains with his audience I had already thanked him for the good reception that the song had shortly after its premiere.

The musician is currently enjoying one of his sweetest professional stages, where there is no shortage of new singles and collaborations with other renowned Cuban singers.

Last June he launched “Although it’s a little while” with Cimafunk and Brenda Navarrete.

Days later he arrived with his highly anticipated and emotional song with Willy Chirino “For my old man”, dedicated to parents and in particular his, which was accompanied by an artistic video clip, which included images from his personal family album, and which has also currently exceeded 1.2 million views.

In his social networks he does not lack support either and for this reason he recently reached 700 thousand followers.

On a personal level Leoni Torres enjoys the happiness and stability of the family that he has formed with the actress Yuliet Cruz and her children.

The respect that he has earned from his audience, which translates into the good reception they give to his songs, is not only a consequence of a consolidated career, of the constant effort to improve, entertain and give quality musical products, but also by the declarations of principles that he makes, and his support for his people and his Island.

All of this was evident after the anti-government protests in Cuba on June 11, when both he and his wife were publicly and openly in favor of the Cubans and they condemned all forms of violence or repression to the elementary right to express themselves freely.

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