Lemus promotes charrería and mariachi with new rooms in the City Museum

In the Museum of the City of Guadalajara, the municipal president, Pablo Lemus Navarro, inaugurated two new rooms that represent the culture of Guadalajara, these sections are dedicated to Mariachi and Charrería, with this they intend to promote national sport and Mexican music that represent Jalisco in the world.

Lemus, dressed as a charro, stressed that the museum’s rooms are pride, and thanked the citizens who were the main collector of the collection, complementing with old families of charros and mariacheros.

“We set out to rescue Guadalajara, not only in its Historic Center, we set out to rescue Guadalajara, again as the capital of culture of our country, to position it in Latin America in the world, through our traditions of our folklore, from which we really are. Ricardo Zermeño (Coordinator of the Somos Charros organization) told us that there was a great collection and that it is kept, we want this to be appreciated by all citizens, it came as a glove in the mission we have of the recovery of Guadalajara in its culture and its traditions, today thanks to you we are opening this mariachi and charrería hall as one more attraction for the people of Guadalajara and Guadalajara, also our distinguished visitors ”, he said.

Before the tour, the mayor said that the new sections of the museum are important to show tourists the flavor of Mexicanity that with charro clothing and music is why they know Mexico in the world.

“For us, this really strengthens our city, and strengthening what we truly are, our tradition of charrería and mariachi is something that, in addition to the declaration that they have from Unesco, is something that we presume, internationally, When we visit any city in the world, we always talk about mariachi, charrería, tequila, because Guadalajara also describes Mexicanness, Guadalajara is this, it is its traditions, it is its people, its folklore, joy, when I have had the opportunity to attend charro events and how beautiful this traditional, cultural festival feels, it is also familiar, happy with our good customs, “he concluded.

In addition, both rooms will be open to the public at no cost, the first one dedicated to mariachis is based on the history of all the instruments that have been used at different times; in the second there are charro suits, saddles, hats embroidered with gold and more.



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