Legislative change: Deputies with the same authorities, the Senate with changes

Finally, yesterday the 30 deputies and the 12 senators elected in August were sworn in They will have a mandate until 2025. And as happens every two years, once in their seats, they set out to form the blocks and elect authorities.

The first to take office were the senators, who met in the morning. After the swearing in of the new and those who renewed, they took a long intermission room to debate, with the entire body of legislators, who would be their future authorities.

Despite some complaints, Mashud Lapad, will again be his first vice president. The second vice-presidency was in charge of Walter Cruz and the third, of Esteban D’Andrea. The presidency is kept in his capacity as Lieutenant Governor, Antonio Marocco.

Pailler, Wayar and Mónico, objected to this imposition of the majority, underlining that the representativeness of the opposition minority that was embodied in their bloc was not being respected, but also highlighting that both Cruz and D’Andrea belong to the same space Compromiso por Salta, and the female quota was not even being respected.

Deputies new names, but no changes

Later the 30 new deputies took office and there were not many surprises regarding the definition of its authorities. Esteban Amat was elected again by the majority as its president; Ignacio Jarsún, first vice president and the deputy for Anta, who is part of the More Salta block, Alejandra Navarro.

The leader of the Frente de Todos, Franco Hernández, like his peers in the Senate, requested the representation of the opposition minority in the second vice presidency, proposing a formula in which he replaced Navarro with his peer from Oran, Jorgelina Juárez.

Carlos Zapata, from Now Patria, agreed with Hernández’s statement but also moved to change the first vice president for Germán Rallé. While the renewing Cristina Fiore, joining the previous two, recalled that the plurality of the people’s choice should be represented and not just a majority.

However, the decision was made by majority vote, resulting in the winning formula proposed by Rallé, who will thus complete four years as head of the Lower House.


The names of those who will accompany the authorities were also repeated, as well Raúl Romeo Medina will continue as Legislative Secretary; as prosecretary, Pedro Mellado; as Administrative Secretary, Gastón Galíndez, and as Administrative Assistant Secretary, Margarita Vega.

The sessions of both Deputies and Senators were fixed, as historically, on Tuesday afternoons in the Lower House and on Thursdays at noon in the Upper House.

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