A mobilization began by the officials of the Judicial Assistance Corporation of the south of the country in response to the dismissal of nine executives. The move is attributed to the decision to hire people close to the outgoing government. The agency categorically ruled out that accusation, explaining that it is a restructuring plan.

Personnel from the Judicial Assistance Corporation (CAJ) between the Ñuble and Aysén regions began a strike this Monday.

The leader Marcelo Inostroza explained that the mobilization was decided after meeting, last Friday, the dismissal of nine management positions.

As they suspect, that would have the sole objective leave holding positions tied to people adhering to the current Government.

While the workers assured that the stoppage of activities began, the director of the CAJ Bío Bío, Gonzalo Contreras, pointed out that the organization was functioning normally.

Regarding the complaint of the officials, the manager was categorical and maintained that the dismissals have their origin in a modernization plan of the Corporation.

Along these lines, Contreras affirmed that disengaged personnel will be able to participate in public competitions that will be transparently called.

CAJ leaders indicated that despite the strike, they decreed Ethical shifts with which they will attend to the users of the most urgent cases.

Meanwhile, the lawyers will attend the scheduled court hearings.

However, if the layoffs are not reversed, the mobilization could be radicalized.