Leandro Santoro revealed what Alberto Fernández will do after the defeat in the PASO

The first candidate for national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires of the Front of All (FdT), Leandro santoro, said today that the diagnosis of the result of the PASO is “socioeconomic” and anticipated that the president Alberto Fernandez will do in the next few days “important announcements“in that matter.

Santoro stated that the percentage favorable to the opposition alliance Together for Change (JxC) in the elections of last Sunday it is understood from a “socioeconomic reality that is lacerating”.

For the Buenosairean legislator, “the answer has to give the Government”, reason why “it is necessary to manage and to solve the problems” in economic matter.

The Frente de Todos suffered a considerable defeat in the PASO elections.

In statements to the channel C5N, Santoro He anticipated that the head of state “listened to the people” and that today he informed him that “there will surely be important announcements” next Thursday.

What’s more, Santoro He assured that “all” the members of the ruling coalition are “aware of the difficulties that exist with the loss of purchasing power of wages.”

“The results are overwhelming and the Government is perfectly clear what it has to do; it is clear what the diagnosis is, which is socioeconomic, and those are the answers that must be given,” he insisted.

He also analyzed that “almost all the governments that faced elections in the context of a pandemic” suffered electoral setbacks, “regardless of whether they were from the left or the right, because there is a malaise. It is not a bummer to have people locked up,” he added.

Santoro He also pointed out that before the next campaign for the November 14 elections, “the important thing is to know what the values ​​and ideas are” defended by the FdT.

“You have to listen to the people and the militancy, and think about a second section of the campaign where we risk the values ​​for which we won the 2019 elections,” he concluded Santoro.


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