Laval | Work on highways 15 and 440 begins on Tuesday

(Quebec) Work on the first phase of the project to secure and improve mobility in the interchange of highways 440 and 15, in Laval, will begin this Tuesday.

This work was announced by the Quebec Ministry of Transport after the tragic accident of August 5, 2019. That day, four people lost their lives and a dozen others were injured in the accident involving nine vehicles, including two heavy goods vehicles, which occurred in the late afternoon on Highway 440 West.

The first step is to add, to the south of the structures of Autoroute 440, an entrance leading to service roads from Autoroute 15, northbound, to the A15. This phase should limit backflow and improve traffic flow in the interchange area.

The construction of the new entrance has been entrusted to the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM), in order to link this work to the project of reserved lanes on Highway 15 to the north. These two projects could be completed next summer.

The second phase will allow the construction of an overhead ramp leading directly from the expressways of Autoroute 440 West to Autoroute 15 North, in addition to the redevelopment of the exit from Boulevard Industriel.

The entire project has been prioritized by the Government of Quebec; it thus benefits from the acceleration measures provided for in the Act on the acceleration of certain infrastructure projects.

Approximately 305,000 vehicles circulate every day in the interchange of highways 440 and 15, a strategic axis located in the heart of Laval.

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