Lauro Villarreal protests as the new general manager of Simas Torreón

Lauro Villarreal took office today Friday as the new general manager of Simas Torreón, his appointment was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors for the period from 2022 to 2024.

It was on this day that the members of the council, including the mayor of Torreón, They protested the new public official in Torreón, which was proposed by Román Alberto Cepeda himself in a list that also included Rogelio Visuett Fragoso and Everardo Facio López.

In this way, Villarreal acquires legal powers to execute and take charge of the various lawsuits, collections, and administrative acts of the Simas Torreón with all the corresponding powers, even those that require special situations and in accordance with the provisions of Article 2554 of the Federal Civil Code; also based on Article 3008 of the Civil Code of the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza; also the designation of the head of the Torreón water body it is contemplated in Article 28, section V of the Water Law for the Municipalities of the State of Coahuila; in the same way in Article 9, section VI of the Internal Regulations of the same body.

Regarding the appointment of Villarreal as the new head of the Simas Torreón General Management, Mayor Román Alberto Cepeda pointed out that it is not only a project for the municipal office, but also it seeks to execute a “work plan” that specifies the commitments of well-being for the city of Torreon.

“I do not want to miss this moment to tell the councilors that they will always count on my support as president of the Simas Council, but as mayor of Torreón I ask for their participation. in the fulfillment of the thousand 637 commitments that I signed in my campaign as a candidate for mayor… I do not address it as a political issue, I say it as a matter related to a social need, which should not have become a political offer, but it is because of the great problem of water”.

In addition, Cepeda said that all the members of the Board of Directors of Simas Torreón, together with the general manager of the organization, they have a vote of confidence from you, especially to be able to supply drinking water to citizens adequately and in all sectors.

“When we do the work in a coordinated manner, with a single team, a single route and a single goal, I have no doubt that in Torreón the water problem will be solved, in our hands is the power to return dignity to the city with good service and good treatment, like the one we all want, “said the local president.

Prior to the swearing in of Lauro Villarreal as manager of the Simas Torreón, the members of the Board of Directors of the organization were also sworn in.

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