Laurita Fernández and Nico Cabré: first photo together

From their stories, Laurita shared a photo of the two after having participated in the marathon in the Buenos aires city which took place on Sunday morning.

Cabré has been a running fanatic for years and transmitted to Laurita the passion for running. Both participated in the sporting event and posed happily with their corresponding medals for giving the present in the race.

Goat Laurita.jpeg

There were two different categories that competed: 21 K and 42 K, in which thousands of athletes from the country and abroad participated since last year it was not held due to the pandemic.

“I wanted to take him to take care of him and he got scared. I brought him food, I saw him drinking water from the ditch. At times he approached but he was overcome by fear and ran away, “he said. Laurita Fernandez a few weeks ago from the networks next to a photo of the dog that he could not adopt.

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