Laura Bozzo wears the same daring nude dress as Megan Fox

After several weeks of absence, Laura Bozzo He returned to social networks and he did it with great fanfare because recently the television presenter decided to share a series of photographs in which she comes out wearing various outfits that have given a lot to talk about.

Among these clothes we could see Laura Bozzo wearing a beautiful nude dress while she wears her hair wet, so we first thought that the nude effect of the garment was due to the water, but when we looked closely we realized that it is a dress that we had seen before.

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And it is about the same dress that Megan Fox wore at the 2021 Video Music Awards which took place in September. On that date, the “Ninja Turtles” actress gave a lot to talk about because, like Laura Bozzo, she opted for a wet style in her hair, to combine with the nude garment that also gives that effect.

Although Megan Fox chose to wear a garment much more revealing under the dress since all her charms can be seen under the translucent effect of the garment, while the host of “Laura uncensored“She decided to wear a bodysuit in a nude tone to cover her charms a little more.

Although, both received praise from their fans, the first because she has always distinguished herself as a fiery woman, while Laura Bozzo looks a well-groomed body despite his 69 years of ageSo undoubtedly many people would like to reach old age looking like the lawyer.

And well, since Laura Bozzo did not go unnoticed with her style, some of her followers even stated that with her photos she has taught sensuality, style, but above all, It’s about a rebirth like the phoenix, after being booked in almost 200 countries, by Interpol.

So now what Peruvian presenter was able to clarify a little of her legal situation Well, she did not hesitate to show her face and return to her interaction on social networks, so for that she shared the series of photographs of which we previously spoke, where she wears the dress in the Megan Fox style.

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Laura Bozzo says the clothes are not hers

For the photo session shared by Laura Bozzo, she wore various garments that were brought from Paris, however, given the tax situation she is still going through, the television host decided to clarify that the clothes are not hers rather, they loaned them for the photo session.

What she did ask is if they liked more the tone of blonde that she looks in that photo session because now she has a tone a little less butter, but always attached to her blonde that has characterized her since she launched her program “Laura“, Which later became”Laura in America”.

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