Laschet presents immediate program for CDU-led government

AIn view of the fact that the SPD has a high poll lead over the Union just two weeks before the federal election, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to get involved in the election campaign even more than before. Chancellor candidate and CDU chairman Armin Laschet announced on Monday after a presidium meeting of the CDU in Berlin that there would be a joint appearance both in Merkel’s constituency in Stralsund and in his constituency in Aachen. “The Chancellor is intervening in the election campaign, that is a good signal,” said Laschet. He also announced that he would perform in Bavaria, the final rally of the election campaign has been planned there for a long time.

Laschet and the CDU deputy federal chairman Silvia Breher, who is a member of Laschet’s “future team” for the election, presented an immediate program on Monday that Laschet wants to implement in the case of his election as Federal Chancellor in the first hundred days of his reign. Many points can already be found in the CDU’s extensive electoral program. Laschet said that the six-topic immediate program will specify what is described in the election program for the entire legislative period. However, since this is “short” at the age of four, you have to do a lot right at the beginning.

Focus on family policy

After Laschet had so far always placed foreign and European policy in the foreground of the CDU program, this does not appear at all in the immediate program, instead family policy is given special weight. The electoral program plans are partly specified with concrete dimensions, but some points are also new.

The CDU wants to bring a law in motion right at the beginning of a Laschet government in order to preserve the splitting of spouses for everyone, to raise the basic tax-free allowance for children to the amount applicable to adults and to increase child benefit. The share of people in need of care and their relatives when financing care is to be capped at 700 euros. So far, it is not in the election program that childcare costs up to an amount of 6,000 euros should be tax-deductible.

Approval procedures are to be accelerated

In the area of ​​internal security, the CDU wants to purchase 1000 new video cameras for train stations. Anyone who attacks emergency services will face a minimum sentence of six months in the future. The demand that Laschet repeatedly put forward to speed up the approval process can also be found in the 100-day program. In the area of ​​climate policy, the interest-free loan for solar roofs, which has recently been repeatedly announced verbally, is included in the immediate program.

Who would you choose?

The federal election will take place on September 26, 2021. Compare the parties’ responses with your points of view.

To Wahl-O-Mat

Laschet and Breher, who came from Lower Saxony, took the lead of the CDU over the SPD in Lower Saxony’s local elections on Sunday as evidence that the CDU could win elections. The candidate for chancellor saw his appearance at the CSU party conference in Nuremberg on Saturday, at which Laschet received long applause from the delegates, as a sign of the union’s unity. Laschet affirmed that he wanted to lead a fair election campaign. Nevertheless, he repeated his allegations against the SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz. He accused him of dodging the Wirecard scandal, the failures in connection with the cum-ex deals of the Warburg Bank and the investigations in connection with the money laundering unit FIU and glossing over things.

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