Large fire causes severe forest damage in Miramar « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

MIRAMAR (Correspondent). – A fire of enormous magnitude broke out during the early hours of Friday in Miramar. The action of the wind and a temperature that atypically exceeded 40 degrees was transformed into a tremendous combustion that devastated for the time being several hectares of forest and fields located on Route 11 between this city and the seaside resort of Mar del Sud.

At the close of this edition, the incident was far from being controlled despite the enormous effort of various fire departments and the contribution of the municipality, volunteers and agricultural producers who provided machinery.

The most complex scenario was experienced around 5 p.m. when the wind turned and the flames pounced on the road after devouring pine trees, aromos and grasslands in their path. In a few minutes the fire also destroyed three cars of the people who were on the road. Also a gazebo installed as a base post and even caused damage to a backhoe of the municipality that was performing tasks in the place.

At that time, in addition to the Miramar, Forestal, and Mar del Sud barracks, which had been working since dawn, agents from Cariló, a fire hydrant plane, and a helicopter that loaded water from one of the streams with a container were already working. to throw it in the affected area.

The demand and exhaustion of fire personnel was so great that a call was launched for volunteers with forestry knowledge. Also, the municipal mayor, Sebastián Ianantuony, along with officials from various municipal agencies, as well as pro-government and opposition councilors who were seen mainly carrying water and attentive to other needs, were also contributing their help.

The voracity of the fire is leaving a devastating and unprecedented panorama and although the origin is a matter of discussion, firefighters assure that “99% of these episodes are caused by irresponsible human intervention.”

Llamas inside the forest. Photo R. Aranda.

Although the urgency is to control this situation, the controversy is again installed since it is suspected that the flames originated after a poorly extinguished stove in a place where this activity is totally prohibited.

Flames in the morning

It all started early Friday morning when the call of a fisherman alerted to a fire in a field about 1000 meters south of the “La Totora” stream, near Route 11 that connects this town with the seaside resort of Mar of the South

The firefighters worked from 2 o’clock with various equipment and carrying out, together with municipal personnel, more than 10 firebreak roads.

The incident finally affected some 40 hectares and was initially controlled, but given the difficult weather scenario and as a preventive measure, an ash guard was established in the area.

The extreme temperature and wind rotation in the afternoon fanned the flames and then the worst came, a situation that is already described as “a disaster”, by the specialists who continue to work hard at this time to prevent the spread and also waiting for help. climate.

For now, from Civil Defense they reminded people to leave route 11 between Miramar and Mar del Sud clear, so that firefighters and other personnel can carry out tasks as comfortably as possible and thus avoid unnecessary risks.

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