Laguna Ortiz, beautiful and necessary for the city

” It is my place of disconnection, whenever I have an hour I come, because I breathe fresh air, I exercise and it is a pleasure to watch the birds. I think it is part of the identity of the city and of the life history of each one of us, ” says Iván, a 34-year-old accountant, practicing walking.

The water mirror in the South Zone of the city is an area for encounters, walks, running, cycling, climbing training for athletes, a haven of nature, water balance as a fundamental low point that monopolizes the water in the region.

It is a thermometer of how the city is. Wells of water at adequate levels are needed because all the inhabitants of the surrounding houses know what it means to pick up the wind with dry lagoons. There is a real sandstone hell that makes the days very difficult.

The memories of the neighbors have been counted for decades regarding ice games, sled races and full afternoons with activities on the consolidated surface. This year, with the false season (winter eluded Gallegos) the historical images were not recorded. It did happen in 2020, with its extreme degrees of danger when cars entered and the police presence was necessary to avoid greater evils by evicting the unwary.

On Saturday morning, the landscape is dreamy. There is not a single cloud in the sky and only a slight and gentle breeze brushes the faces of the people from Rio de Janeiro who come to enjoy the day. Some descend from the haughty PROCREAR, others walk from the APAP neighborhood and many directly cross the city in the direction of the calm water mirror.

Some sensitive points to improve would be the vegetation, which shines because of the scarcity and youth of the species that were planted. There are few places to sit and spread out the landscape, and the neighbor is often forced to do so from the car, which is not ideal on days like today. The playground, the famous healthy square, has a good number of elements and is one of the planning successes. The circuit has variants, such as asphalt tape, especially for joggers and bikes. Already climbing the slopes that lead to the PROCREAR neighborhood, those who exercise in power gain find their place, supported by gravel. Many teams and institutions in our environment often use these earrings for their preseason work or oxygenation exercises. It is a true powerhouse of endorphins and smiles, the Ortiz Lagoon looks clean, almost untouched from the punishment of the other bodies of water in the city, which are true songs of the scattered garbage. It is perhaps the most cared for, the most respected and least violated of our reserves. It should be one more, but it works ironically as almost the exception to the norm.

Héctor Soto is a retiree who overcame two heart attacks and COVID, which had him between the ropes. Today he comes to walk to the velodrome, at a slow but steady pace, with a Boca Juniors cap as a banner and a canine companion who follows in his footsteps without fainting, acting as guardian and company. “This for me is health, I value this place, I would like to see it even more forested, but at my age I do not change it for anything, it is also close to me and I come and walk back.” South Time He asked him about Riquelme’s management in charge of the club of his loves, and before he left he gave us back “he was better as a player.”

A group of young people, at the side of the road that surrounds the lagoon and ends in the upper sector, have parked two cars at around 11:00, they have sat on the hoods and observe the landscape and the dogs that walk along to their owners (it is always better to carry them on a leash to avoid problems). They are drinking mate, chatting and commenting to the chronicler of South Time They are environmentalists, in the Boy Scout modality, and that today they had planned to go to the Blue Lagoon but ” he painted the fiaca a little and it is what we have closest to hand, we live nearby and several times we have collaborated in cleaning operations. It is a place to value it and take great care of it, ” says 19-year-old Valeria, while adding burrito to mate that nuances the chill of the morning.

Nearby, enjoying the sun and the entry of important vitamins into the body through the God Febo, is Valentino, 13, a U-15 player for Hispano: ” I come to take advantage of the climbs, every weekend that I don’t There is a game to have a little more strength in the legs. My father accompanies me who does not run but does psychological support ” and explodes in a laugh. He celebrates that there is no wind today and greets us to start warming up.

The Ortiz Lagoon is divided into three sectors that cover a large space at the southern exit of the city. Sector 1 is located on Av. San Martín and René Rodolfo Vargas street (behind the Docente neighborhood), Sector 2 ranges from Av. San Martín to Costa Rica street, and across the width between Lago Argentino and Piloto Lero Rivera streets , while Sector 3 is located in front of the Forestation area of ​​the Municipality and shares the property with a velodrome, a recreational space used by hundreds of residents throughout the year.

The birds are calm in the waters today. No one bothers them, no overjoyed dog enters to disturb their peace. What are they, who are they? Among the Patagonians that reach the local estuary and the lagoons that make up the Rio Gallegos Urban Nature Reserves System (SRNU) to spend the winter we find the Macá Tobiano (Podiceps gallardoi), the Austral Oystercatcher (Haematopus leucopodus), the Double Collar Plover (Charadrius falklandicus), the Antarctic Pigeon (Chionis alba) and the Ashy Plover (Pluvianellus socialis), among others. Today we can observe different species living together in peace, with the calm of the day perched in the water.

Illumination. Put in value. Zero waste. Watch out. Awareness. Ecology. Atmosphere. Sport. Fresh air. Recreation. Birds.

Many times we do not register how rich we are together as a society with places like Laguna Ortiz.

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