La Diosa: I am going to leave a legacy in Cuban music and poor people who underestimate me

Singer Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya, known as The Goddess of Cuba, assured her followers on social networks that she will leave an imprint on the island’s music and alerted her detractors to prepare for what is to come.

I am going to leave a legacy in Cuban music and poor people who underestimate me, “La Diosa said in a short but forceful text posted on her Instagram profile.

He accompanied his words with a colorful photo in which he poses with a serene look, wearing a long pullover and “boxing braids” with his striking hair style.

His couple, King The MagicianHe commented that “whoever is on the path will be at the final dinner”, but the one who underestimated the artist, as well as those who said they would be by her side and then did not show their faces, it would be better “that they don’t even communicate” . The comment was to the liking of the singer who responded with fire emoticons.

Few weeks ago The Goddess premiered the video clip of your version of Eternal love, next to the child Arlys Daniel who became famous for the emotional way he sings this song. The little boy had previously received a gift from Jesús Salas, manager and personal friend of the late Mexican idol Juan Gabriel.

The Goddess said to record with Arlys Daniel it was a great experience for both of us. The video was filmed in Havana, under the direction of Marlon Cruz and Yoa. The singer appears dressed in the wedding dress she wore in her wedding to King The Magician. The little performer wore a white suit.

One of the La Diosa’s dreams is to sing with the Puerto Rican salsa singer Marc Anthony. This he shared on his social networks assuring that he has the vocal qualities to do it and that he visualizes it so that it can ever be achieved.

In September the singer received a first reply to your message released to the universe. Music producer Sergio George contacted her who told her that Marc is currently working on his new album where he does not plan to include any collaboration, but he left a door open for the future and recognized the artistic qualities of the Cuban.

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