La Bonaerense in flames before the rumors of the return of Granados instead of Berni

It is no news that the administration of Axel Kicillof It has been intervened by the Barones del Gran Buenos Aires league with Martín Insaurralde at the helm. Now the move that is anticipated is that the mayors want the Ministery of security for Mayor Ezeiza to return, Alejandro Granados, for the purposes of rumors of the departure of Sergio Berni by the end of the year, fought with all sectors of the Front of All and counting exclusively with the support of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Although the media official is not loved by the first and second lines of the Buenos Aires Police, the versions of a possible designation of Granados they mean the laundering of the real boss in the shadows of the country’s largest security force: Hugo matzkin, head of the institution during the last part of Daniel Scioli’s administration and with the mayor of Ezeiza as minister of the area.

According to what the police chiefs of the suburbs confess, the tandem GranadosMatzkin “It represents the institutionalization of illegal collection throughout the Buenos Aires territory that went up to the Government.” “It was a scheme of power and management of all illegal activities that was only registered in the time of Eduardo Duhalde with the so-called damn Buenos Aires,” adds a commissioner concerned about the return of the pair with the probable designation of the current number two of the force. , Jorge Figini, a man of extreme confidence in Matzkin.

Figini, nicknamed “Manotas”, is openly at odds with the police chief, Daniel García, who is best recognized by his peers for his extensive experience on the streets and in police stations. The candidate of Granados and Matzkin it represents the opposite. “He does not have a track record as a taquero and went through the service in administrative positions, but he is very skilled at making donuts and collecting money,” says a commissioner from Zona Norte. This unstable balance is the one you chose Berni and his collaborators to manage the Bonaerense and the results were terrible with police rebellion included last year.

The inmate of “the black legs”, as the members of that force are often called, is out of control due to lack of political and police leadership. Low salaries, they still have not vaccinated 100% of the troops, the mobiles do not work and they see how the bosses “get rich in such a short time”. The call for a new rebellion circulates for Friday for fair claims and where the attempt is also mixed among the allies of Matzkin and his detractors, who harshly criticize Figini.

And as if this were not enough, that the ghost of Matzkin fly over the control of the Buenos Aires It makes the enigmatic Antonio Stiuso, a strong ex-man of the local intelligence, and very close to the Chief of Cabinet, the hair stand on end, Juan Manzur. Whoever was the SIDE’s director of counterintelligence has been sworn in by the former police chief for the unusual assassination of former intelligence agent Pedro Viale, alias “El Lauchón” in 2013. Viale was a henchman who was shot by a Halcón Group patrol in Your domicile.

Stiuso always considered that this crime was a mafia message from Matzkin and the Buenos Aires against him. Some speak of a bill pass for the arrest of the Colombian drug lord “My blood” who had institutional “protection” from the “black legs.” The operation of his capture was handled by Stiuso and Lauchón. A true quake where police chiefs, drug traffickers and politics mix.

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