La Aurora Zoo presents the sea lion couple Mitch and Kira

Mitch and Kira, a pair of sea lions from Patagonia, aged 16 and 12 respectively, are the new guests at La Aurora Zoo.

Both were presented this Thursday, October 14 and the process for their arrival took two years. The specimens were donated through a Mundomar Benidorm conservation agreement in Alicante, Spain.

The design of the enclosure that houses them has similar conditions to Patagonia in South America where these specimens come from.

This would give continuity to the Humboldt Penguin enclosure, which also belongs to this region of the continent.

According to the Zoo, these animals can live 30 years and in captivity until much longer because there are no predators.

They are carnivorous animals that feed mainly on fish and because they were born under the shelter of the zoo they are trained to receive their medical check-ups in the best way.

They eat about 40 pounds of fish a day each. These two specimens become the first sea lions in the history of Guatemala, according to the Zoo.

Sea lions receive special care at the La Aurora Zoo. (Free Press Photo: Marí José Bonilla)

The design process of the enclosure involved national consultancies and the construction that lasted one year has a pool of more than 113 thousand gallons of water, the area has thematic lighting and vegetation. Also a high-tech system for the filtration of salt water.

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The construction and design was carried out 100% by Guatemalans, among engineers, architects, artists, biologists, gardeners and veterinarians.

Both copies can be seen by visitors starting this Friday, October 15 and will be in public view from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Alejandro Stredinger, Animal Welfare Manager

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