‘La Abuelita de Santa Fe’ will continue to encourage the Bogota red from the stands of heaven

If any opportunity could go to the stadium Nemesio Camacho El Campin to a match of Independent Santa Fe or if he is a fan of the Bogota red, at some point he may have come across Mrs. Maria Arminda Rojas, or better known as ‘Granny from Santa Fe’.

A short lady, always accompanied by her ‘red’ sweatshirt, her cap, her scarf and always with her family, She was one of the most representative fans of the team, which was known by all those attending El Campín.

She was located in the eastern grandstand, everyone greeted her when they saw her arrive, they also congratulated her and applauded her for her great love and effort towards the team, where she never cared about the result, she was always there.

Pitifully, The morning of January 14 will always be marked for her family and fans from Santa Fe, because at 82 years old, Doña Arminda left this life to go support her beloved team from beyond the grave..

‘La Abuelita de Santa Fe’ passed away at the age of 82. Photo: Dimayor

But those who knew her know that she will not be alone, she will be next to ‘Fought’, her husband who accompanied her in thousands of games, but who left with the disappointment of not seeing her champion team in El Campín, something that Arminda was able to do 6 months after the departure of her beloved life partner.

The importance of this great follower was such that the club expressed its most sincere condolences to family and friends through its social networks and it is expected that next Friday in the preview of the game against Equity, a heartfelt tribute is paid to him by the club.

Thousands of followers of Independiente Santa Fe and other teams have spoken out for the death of ‘La Abuelita de Santa Fe’, who means to many a benchmark of a true fan who accompanies his team through thick and thin.

María Arminda Rojas has a unique record, of the 16 titles that Santa Fe has throughout its history, she was able to live 15, something that very few can boast.

'La Abuelita de Santa Fe' passed away at the age of 82.  Photo: Twitter @Theo_Gonzalez

‘La Abuelita de Santa Fe’ passed away at the age of 82. Photo: Twitter @Theo_Gonzalez

Without a doubt, the fans and followers of ‘León’ will feel the absence of this great person who always had a good gesture and a big smile for all those who crossed his path at the facilities of the ‘Colossus of 57’.

From Colombia.com, we send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and soccer teammates.

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