L7nnon releases ‘HB20’ video featuring surfer Ítalo Ferreira; watch now

L7nnon keeps betting on drill, in addition to lovesongs

L7nnon has just released his long-awaited single “HB20”. After releasing a preview of the song on Instagram exactly two months ago and the public went wild, the rapper from Rio rhymes over the drill produced by papatinho, friend of the artist and one of the best music producers in the country. L7 has once again shown that it only takes seconds to deliver a hit.

For the clip L7nnon invited nobody else, none other than italo Ferreira, gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics. Both are great friends and are always getting stronger. The invitation was natural since the surfer is daily sharing the artist’s hits, who occasionally also risk maneuvers at sea.

“HB20” is another single that L7 launches in a drill beat, rhythm derived from the trap that abuses the bass and has been conquering the country, having the rapper as one of the greatest exponents of the modality. In this aspect, the beats per minute are faster and you need to master the cadence of words very well for a good performance.

About the message he wants to convey in the song, the rapper says: “If I say in the song that my fee is worth an HB20, it’s because I struggled a lot to get here. I want the children to hear this sound and know that every dream can be fulfilled. Faith in God and effort made me conquer everything I have, and in the same way they can do it, regardless of where they were born”, he says.

Check out the clip for “HB20” now:

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