L-Ghent summoned a caravan to return to the neighborhood with his newborn daughter

Elián Ángel Valenzuela, better known as L-Ghent, organized a massive caravan that accompanied this Wednesday afternoon for its return to General Rodriguez, Province of Buenos Aires, with his girlfriend Tamara Baéz and their newborn daughter, Jamaica.

On board a limousine and visibly excited, the singer took the time to greet those present in the place, say a few words and take pictures with his little girl who was born last Monday morning, exactly at 4.29 in the morning, and was discharged today to return home.

The massive event was called on Tuesday night and the announcement was extremely effective as the singer arrived at the Luján Hospital, where Jamaica was born, accompanied by a crowd of fans., neighbors of the neighborhood and friends who did not want to miss the presentation in society of the first daughter of L-gante.

The young man of only 21 years old shared everything that was happening through his social networks and, as always, he was happy, excited and grateful for the support received from his followers. “Jamaica, I’m going. Hold on Argentina, hold on the neighborhood”Elián repeated.

Upon arriving at the Luján public hospital, L-Ghent appeared next to Tamara and took the little newborn to raise her over her head. The moment was recorded by a Crónica HD mobile.

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