L-Gante paid tribute to Diego by reversing the song “La mano de Dios”

The 420 cumbia singer thanked Rodrigo Bueno’s team for allowing him to record the song.

The singer whose real name is Elian Ángel Valenzuela was photographed with his back to the camera and looking towards the horizon, wearing the shirt that the Argentina National Team used in the 1994 FIFA Soccer World Cup United States.

Obviously, the L-Gante albiceleste jacket has the number 10 and the surname Maradona. The photo was shared in the stories of his Instagram account, a social network where he has more than 4 million followers.

That shirt was the last that Diego Maradona used in the Argentine National Team, since it was the last World Cup he played and the one that ended up suspended as a result of a controversial positive doping that later led to the mythical phrase “they cut off my legs.”

But beyond this tribute, L-Gante then made an announcement that has his fans and the music world waiting for him: he made a new version of the song La mano de Dios ?.

“I love you, Diego. Rodrigo, thank you for your music. Always in our hearts and thanks to your team,” began the publication of the musician from General Rodríguez, Buenos Aires, praising the Cordovan quarterer who died on June 24, 2000. .

“Thank you for inviting me and allowing me to cover this song with a lot of respect and admiration. Several artists have paid tribute to Rodrigo and I played this great song,” L-Gante happily expressed on his social networks.

The musician had already shown that he is a full-blooded Maradona on several occasions, such as, for example, by wearing another Diego coat no more and no less than in Villa Fiorito, a city that Maradona grew up in poverty during the last October.

In August this year, Valenzuela was also photographed next to a mural of the soccer star. “I love you, Diego!” He wrote on Instagram that time, as if he were Potro Rodrigo in the song that now has his version.

The L-Gante tribute occurs weeks after the repudiation on social networks of another urban music artist belonging to his generation, Nicki Nicole (21), who criticized and called Diego an abuser.

The story of “The Hand of God”

The hit dedicated to Pelusa was written by Alejandro Romero? (46), Rodrigo’s brother-in-law, who in dialogue with Clarín once confessed that originally “it was not a strategically thought song for Maradona.”

“The day I finished the song, I accompanied Rodrigo to the Music Channel with my manuscript in my pocket. Then we went to the apartment and I began to sing it to him. Rodrigo came out of the bathroom crying and kissed me.” You don’t know what you just did! Diego is going to love it! “, He told me,” revealed the author.

“You screwed me up. My best song is Lo mejor del amor, but this is going to be my last hit,” El Potro told his brother-in-law. clarin.com

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