Kun Agüero revealed how he lived the death of Maradona

On how he lived the death of Diego Maradona, which occurred a little less than a year ago, Kun Agüero confessed: “Bad, very bad. He had a Champions League game that day and when i found out i thought it was a lie, like so many other times. But as I saw that more and more people were saying it, I asked Benjamin’s mother directly (Gianinna Maradona) “.


Kun Agüero and Diego Maradona together at the 2010 World Cup

After receiving the shocking news, the footballer revealed that her main concern was her son, Benjamin: “I was very worried about how he was going to find out the news. When we were able to talk, I already knew it from a classmate. Diego and Benja got along very well. He was a freak with my son and Benja loved him. I asked my sister to pick him up at school. “

Hours later, Kun Agüero received a message from his son: “He wrote, ‘Dad, I want to go see him.’ I did not like the idea because I was afraid that it would be left with a bad memory. But as he wanted, I left him and he went to the wake at the Casa Rosada with his mother. “

Later, he admitted that he lived very difficult moments: “Benja told me that he kissed her and that she started to cry. I tried to restrain myself so that my son wouldn’t see me badly. They were very difficult days but at least Benja was able to say goodbye to her grandfather. “

Kun Agüero and Giannina Maradona were a couple between 2008 and 2012, coinciding with Diego Maradona’s cycle at the head of the Argentine National Team, with Kun as a player, between 2008 and 2010.

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