Kulfas: “Today the industry has 12 out of 16 branches growing and recovering”

The Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, highlighted this Thursday, when exposing in the framework of the second day of the IDEA Colloquium, that Argentine industry “has 12 of a total of 16 branches growing and recovering” and that it is taking place ” 5 percent above the pre-pandemic period ”.

In addition, he pondered the dialogue between employers, unions and the State to carry out development processes, and highlighted the content of the Bill presented by the ruling party in Congress to promote the conversion of social plans into genuine work.

This was expressed when speaking this Thursday in person at the Costa Salguero complex, in the city of Buenos Aires, at the 57th IDEA Colloquium.

In this context, he criticized the crack, pointing out that “it may have profitability in the short term but it is an obstacle to growth in the long term.”

“Since President Alberto Fernández took office, we have proposed to work together” with all sectors of production, said Kulfas when opening the second day of this traditional meeting that today brought together half a thousand of the main businessmen of the country, in addition of trade unionists and politicians.

Kulfas stressed that his portfolio had more than 150 industrial policy measures.

The minister gave as an example of this dialogue the agreement reached for the development of the automotive industry, “agreed with the members of the chain.”

In this sense, he indicated that this understanding shows that “it is not a problem to sit at the same table, the State, businessmen and unions” despite the fact that, “sometimes”, the union sectors are “reviled saying that they put sticks in the wheel.”

On the other hand, he stressed that the Government seeks to carry out a plan that provides “macroeconomic, social and environmental balance”, and stated that, if any of these three components are neglected, “development will not work.”

Kulfas stressed that his portfolio had more than 150 industrial policy measures.

In addition, Kulfas stressed that “today the Argentine industry has 12 of 16 branches growing and recovering”, and that “it is producing 5 percent above the period prior to the pandemic.”

At that point, he stressed the growth of the construction sector and that of the knowledge economy, and maintained that it is “15% above that of November 2019”, at the end of the management of macrismo.

Kulfas mentioned sending a series of bills to promote economic development, such as agribusiness, or the production of medicinal cannabis, as well as the one that promotes the conversion of social plans into genuine work because he understands that these “are transition ”because“ a country does not develop with social plans but with work ”.

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