Kulfas promoted the development of the knowledge industry «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

With the presence of the Minister of Productive Development of the Nation, Matias Kulfas, a series of activities were carried out today with a focus on the development of the knowledge industry in Mar del Plata.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Núcleo group where various technological enterprises operate.
The presence of Kulfas, accompanied by more officials, aimed to give a boost to a sector that has been growing in recent years and has an important projection.

Specifically, the national official formalized the delivery of a loan to the Núcleo group while granting a Non-Refundable Contribution to the Industrial Park. In addition, he visited and made contact with the different projects that are developed in Núcleo and held a meeting with the members of the Association of Information and Communication Technologies of Mar del Plata (Aticma)

He also participated in the delivery of certificates to a group of participants from Argentina Program, an initiative of the national government that in Mar el Plata has 6,200 registered.

Kulfas highlighted the power of the sector and valued the fact of “making visible this enormous power that Mar del Plata has as a city of knowledge, as a city that produces content and software.”

“One does not cease to be happy and surprised by the quality of the projects that this city has and for having formed a technological district that is a source of pride for the city, for the country, and that allows the generation of knowledge, work and the development of technologies that are highly positive for many economic sectors of the country to function ”, he completed.

The minister referred to the participants of the Argentina Program of the importance of the knowledge economy in the generation of employment by remarking that “there is nothing more worthy than work and being able to progress “. “We are a country that gets ahead that way. It is not with social plans, which are for emergencies. What keeps us going is the real work ”, he pointed out.

Boost to the District

During the meeting with the members of ATICMA, the delivery was formalized by the Ministry of Productive Development of a Non-Refundable Contribution (ANR) close to 14 million pesos, of the Nodes of the Knowledge Economy program that will allow the Association to change their offices to the Núcleo building.

But the change of location means much more than a move: it is the kickoff for the Technology District.
The ordinance for its creation was approved last year and the installation of ATICMA in the area begins to “give life to the place.”

“It is important because the District is beginning to take shape”, summarized the president of the Association, Renato Rosello, who stressed the need for the provincial government to adhere to the Knowledge Economy Law.


With the naval industry

Kulfas was accompanied by the Secretary of Industry, Knowledge Economy and External Commercial Management, Ariel Schale, the Undersecretaries of Industry, Julieta Loustau; and Knowledge Economy, María Apólito and by the president of the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion, Fernando Peirano. Local councilors Virginia Sívori and Ariel Ciano were also there.

Earlier, the minister participated in the second day of the International Naval Industry Meeting (Einaval) that takes place at the MAR Museum. There, he highlighted the impulse and projection of the naval industry and its importance for the economy of the city and the country.

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