Kristal Silva transforms into Princess Jasmine and falls in love

Kristal Silva transforms into Princess Jasmine and falls in love, fly on a magic carpet and earn a perfect grade in the hearts of your fans, this time with Roger Gonzalez as a special guest.

Although there are only a few presentations of Kristal Silva as a soloist in “I want to sing”, The Mexican beauty queen has showcased talent and elegance in extremely elegant, fun dresses that reveal her impeccable profile.

In a short time Kristal Silva has become one of the spoiled presenters of “Come the joy” next to Cynthia Rodriguez and Laura G, although it was already known about her passion for beauty issues that she has shared in “Kristal’s universe”, Now he falls in love again with his facet as an amateur singer.

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A few weeks after celebrating her wedding and falling in love with her wedding dresses, worthy of royalty and the most exclusive catwalks, now Kristal Silva falls in love with the costumes of “Quiero Cantar” and is emerging as one of the favorites.

After the impressive black dress that seemed made of stars and the silver dress that made her look like someone from the future, Kristal Silva reinvents herself and steals everyone’s hearts as a true princess.

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Kristal Silva, the princess with a magic carpet

For days Kristal Silva and Roger González, his partner in “Venga la Alegría” had announced that they had a surprise for viewers. Monday arrived and they did not disappoint, because for the segment of “I want to sing” they became Aladdin and Princess Jasmine and performed “An ideal world“.

Kristal Silva wore the classic blue-green oriental princess gown with gold details, a stunning jeweled crown and a corset that exposed her tiny waist.

To give your presentation more realism, Kristal Silva and Roger González They appeared on the famous magic carpet of the film, stealing the sighs of all the attendees who did not stop recording video and taking photos of them.

For Kristal Silva it was undoubtedly one of her favorite performances and the followers of the presenter already want to see her next outfits, now, yes, she is a true princess in the extension of the word.

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