Kodak Black updates fans after posting about depression and suicidal thoughts

Kodak Black updates fans on his mental health status after posting about being depressed

Kodak Black says he’s feeling better and isn’t a “suicide” after scaring fans with posts to his Twitter account earlier this week. Black provided the update via a post on his Instagram account.

“I mean, maybe it’s not the best thing to tweet and it’s very selfish of me to let a thought like that succumb,” he wrote. “I apologize for doubting myself like I’m not a gangsta, but bad guys need love too, you know and it’s totally unfair to people who love me who care and want to see me happy and successful, be it like go! Thanks to everyone who cared and the phone calls and texts, as I understand it, I made a bold statement, but don’t worry, I’m not suicidal and I have no plans to get hurt.”

Black tweeted about feeling “so lonely, depressed, sad and f*cking” and said he wants to “go back to the beginning and never be famous.” He also mentioned crying and having suicidal thoughts. Shortly thereafter, Black completely deleted his account from Twitter and hasn’t put it back online yet.

In recent weeks, Kodak has gone through difficult times, mourning the loss of its close friend, artist WizDaWizard, who was murdered. He has also had serious difficulties with his artist Jackboy, with whom he has been fighting on social media.

We hope that everything is fine with Kodak and that he feels better soon.

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