Kodak Black explains himself after being spotted with a woman in a box at a hockey game

There are apparently several women in Kodak Black’s life and he claims the woman twerking him is one of his artists.

All that fun he was having generated something the rapper didn’t expect, but Kodak Black came back to explain. Yesterday (January 11), the rapper’s name entered the list of trending topics on social media after a video of him at a hockey game was circulated. Everything looked normal when Kodak hooked up with a woman who posted online that it was their second date.

However, things changed when a fan uploaded a video that showed the woman bent over with Kodak leaning over her as she swung around on him. The scene surprised those in the hockey arena, but then Kodak found himself in trouble with the woman he was dating. We previously reported on recent events as well as Kodak celebrating proposing to the mother of his daughter at his baby shower.

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At the event, the two seemed happy when he put a ring on her finger, but after his hockey game controversy, the rapper claimed that the dancer is just one of his performers and he is a single man. “If I’m with a person, I never lead them and make them feel like we’re in a relationship if we’re not,” he said in a video. “I always let you know what’s going on in my life so you can make the decision whether you want to deal with me or not. I don’t have to lie to anyone.”

He added that the mothers of his children are “forever” with him because they are “closed with him”, so “that’s what the whole ring is about.” Treonna Brewer, who was once linked to the rapper, criticized him on Instagram and told her followers that she is “single” now. She also exposed a message she received from basketball player John Wall for some reason.

“I never met a guy who would do anything for attention until I met you @kodakblack,” wrote Brewer. “But you talk about loyalty, you have no idea what that is.” She also shared a message she allegedly received from John Wall that only included the eye emoji. “I’m single now,” she wrote.

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