Know in detail the claims of ambulance drivers in Río Gallegos

Diario Nuevo Día was able to dialogue with UPCN referents, who accompanied the claim that was given at the doors of the health portfolio building and of the Government House itself where they made explicit the different claims of the sector, both labor and salary that make today they are retention of services.

Regarding the circumstances that argued the mobilization of the group of workers, they point out that “no ambulance in good condition as they are all out of service”, in turn state that “The module for transfer of patients approved in the decree signed by the governor is not complied with and that three months ago it has not been paid, to which it is also added that three months of overtime are owed.”

In the same vein, the head of the sector is asked to condition the units and they denounce that “the VTVs are falsified”

Another issue not minor that the workers point out is the state of abandonment of the position of “La Esperanza” (The New Day Newspaper)

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