Kirchnerism already believes it has the votes to discount in Buenos Aires

“We are missing three points in the first, fourth and seventh electoral section to get the three senators who would make us fight hand in hand with Together the Buenos Aires Senate, “said this morning one of the few mayors who triumphed last night.

In these regions, north and west of the Conurbano, and the core area of ​​the humid pampas of Buenos Aires, the Front of All it did not arrive at the magic number with which a legislator would be able to enter for each region in dispute. Of the three that are chosen in the seventh, where the former mayor of Bolívar and national deputy who accompanied Florencio Randazzo four years ago, Eduardo Bali Bucca, today Together it would place all three in dispute, just as it did four years ago.

Florencio Randazzo.

The same happens in the Fourth electoral section, in which the Front of All you also need the same percentage to get another provincial senator. There are seven seats up for grabs, while in the more populous First Section they would need the same percentage for the fourth candidate on that list to enter.

This is one of the goals that were already set on Sunday night, when the unexpected numbers began to take the dimension of catastrophe for the ruling party. And for that mission, the only ones in a position to increase 3% of the votes are territorial chiefs that in most cases they did not make the expected choice.

However, they don’t have too many elements to work with like they never did before in a midterm election. Without convening figures, their strength is when their own management is plebiscited or a transfer is discussed. They have seldom been able to repeat the projection of the executive women in the legislatures. As one of them said, and it was an anticipation of MDZ: “Every two years we drop ten points. To that we must add the pandemic, the VIP vaccination and the photos of Olivos,” he added.

So far, as was foreseeable since yesterday afternoon, when the first projections appeared, the only thing that is heard are invoices passes and recriminations, all or almost all for Alberto Fernandez and your trusted team. Nobody looked for the Province, where the cabinet of Axel Kicillof it continues as if nothing had happened or people had rewarded them with the vote.

Sergio Massa He was secluded in Tigre, where the ruling party lost against the former actor and councilor According to Cernadas, and he knows that they will need much more of him to achieve the necessary consensus with the opposition, but his image was closely related to Maximum Kirchner, the other that always proposed changes in the national Executive. He did not do the same with the authorities of At payment. It will be because she knows that her mother has her “maximum” protégé in the governor.

Kirchner pretends to be the head of Kirchnerist Peronism as of December in the Province of Buenos Aires. However, the communes managed by his friends and direct allies lost all of them. Quilmes, Luján and Mercedes, to name the most emblematic, succumbed against Juntos while their main official in a service organization such as Anses, Fernanda Raverta, lost resoundingly in General Pueyrredón, headquarters of Mar del Plata.

To make matters worse, the mayors that he forcibly displaced from the party leadership won their seats, such as Gustavo Menendez, in Merlo, and Fernando Gray, in Esteban Echeverría.

Thus, the mayors believe that “we can trace the election. There are many natural voters of Peronism who did not go to vote, who are angry, but if we work with all our strength and rake well, we can get it,” he told MDZ one of those who in his commune the ruling party lost against Juntos.

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