Kimmich infected with Corona: The vaccination issue is not off the table

Dthe fact that the most prominent unvaccinated person in this country has also been infected with Corona at FC Bayern is causing inevitable malice on the internet. In the reality of autumn 2021, however, this case is primarily evidence of scientific expertise that cannot be denied, at least not without consequences.

The latest sentence from the Minister of Health, according to which after this winter all people in Germany will either have been vaccinated, recovered or died, also aptly includes the case from Munich. Kimmich was one of 75,961 people who became infected in one day. There have never been so many.

The pressure to act will increase

One can only hope for Kimmich that, on the other hand, the scientifically based prediction also applies to him, according to which a young and otherwise healthy and fit man of his age has comparatively little to worry about serious consequences. The fact that the Bayern leader will now be absent from the top game in Dortmund, after he was last taken out of the game twice after contact with an infected person as an unvaccinated person, hits his employer for the first time at a sportingly unfavorable time.

In the fourth wave, the Bavarians are more severely affected by Corona than ever in the 21 months of the pandemic. That too: A mirror of the situation when the virus hits a federal state with a low vaccination rate and can produce high numbers of cases.

After a hopefully mild course of the disease and full recovery, Kimmich will be through with the vaccination issue for a short time, but with a view to the 2022 World Cup, it should come back on the table with scientific certainty. The booster is now also an inseparable part of the second Corona winter – and thus also of German football.

The pressure to act will continue to grow there if there is no general compulsory vaccination or a special one for professional football. Because according to the current quarantine regulations, unvaccinated persons endanger the chances of success of the clubs and the national team much more than vaccinated persons. The national coach had therefore indicated with a certain confidence on Wednesday that Kimmich would probably get vaccinated after all – shortly afterwards, his infection became known.

But instead of just betting on its good behavior, the German Football Association (DFB) would be well advised if it looked at itself and its possibilities on this issue. In any case, compulsory vaccination would be easier to enforce in the national team than in the league, where contractually bound professionals practice their profession. But they come to the national team voluntarily. But although the DFB and the national coach advertise vaccinations, there is a lack of courage and will to make the spades a prerequisite for an invitation. Or, on the other hand, to reject compulsory vaccination with a view to basic rights.

Flick issued the correspondingly pragmatic slogan last month: play for time. So as not to offend how one may add. But in the Corona crisis, football is missing another chance to take on responsibility where it would be possible – instead of just talking about it.

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