Kimberly Flores’ son wanted to commit suicide for saying about her and calls her a prostitute

A couple of days ago it was announced that Kimberly Flores had decided to leave the Casa de Los Famosos with her husband Edwin Luna, who went to beg her to quit the show.

Today, everything Edwin told him to make that decision was revealed through the broadcast of the program.

According to the interpreter’s words, Kimberly’s eldest son, Elián, 15, had an aggressive crisis after he was bombarded in his networks with news about his mother, assuring that she is a prostitute and that he would throw her out of his house when she quit the show.

“Eliás is wrong. They sent him some notes from you, outside is a dis … my love. Outside is not how you think. Elián saw some notes from you and started shouting that you were a prostitute. That when you got home he was going to run you off that he didn’t want you with us, “she mentioned. She also commented that her other children Damian, 7, and Gianna, 4, were not well either, as they needed her at home with them.

“You told me to take care of my children, but I can no longer, I beg you for my life,” he mentions.

Another worrying situation that Luna revealed to her was that her eldest son, who is presumed to have autism, spoke to an acquaintance of the couple to tell her that he wanted to kill himself.

After the worrying situation that the Guatemalan lives outside of reality, she confirmed to the production that she would leave to resolve her family issues.

So far neither of them has broken the silence through their platforms, as they have decided to take their family life in private until they solve the problems that arose as a result of the Telemundo reality show.

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