Kily defines him today but he already has it in his head

And when everyone thought that Old was going to regain his place on the team, the Kily opted for something else. At least it was the letter he showed in soccer practice, in which he included the Venezuelan Covea, of good entrance before Students. By whom it is decided, the one who will leave the ownership is the Pupi Ferreyra.

What there seems to be no doubt about is that the Kily will maintain the scheme that it implemented for the first time in La Plata, with Unraveling accompanying Ojeda in the center ring. This is how the scoundrel will go in search of the victory that has been denied him for three games.


In another order, Luca Martínez Dupuy He had complications with the flight from Barcelona and his arrival in the country is scheduled for tonight, so it is unlikely that the Kily can include him in the list of concentrates.

The reserve returned to triumph

Central beat 2-1 to Patronage in reserve with goals from Franco Frías and Ulysses Ciccioli. The scoundrel formed with: Mauricio Maslovski; Ulises Ciccioli, Kevin Silva, Nicolás Meriano and Lucas Amud; Leandro Iglesias (71 ‘Cristian Bonesso), Mateo Tanlongo (54’ Facundo Bounanotte), Julio Luques, Lautaro Giaccone (77 ‘Ramiro Peralta); Franco Frías (71 ‘Fabricio Oviedo) and Alejo Veliz (71’ Juan Cerrudo). Substitutes: Matías Molina, Jonatan Bogado, Tiago Mast, Kevin Ortiz, Martín Caramuto, Tomás O’Connor and Facundo Alarcón.

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