Kick-off 2022: The first backers are allowed to start in beta phase 2

In the meantime, the fans had to worry about kick-off in 2022, but the beta phase has now begun – the first backers should test.

Kick-off 2022 has reached the beta, the first backers are already allowed to play.

2tainment GmbH

With the exit of publisher Kalypso, the revival project for the once popular cult simulation Kickoff suffered a major setback in the summer. However, 2tainment stayed on the ball and was able to usher in the first beta phase of the upcoming football manager title on October 4th. Initially only a small group tested, the biggest problems and errors were fixed for phase two.

This started on October 11th and is expected to last until October 15th. A “slightly larger group” takes part in the second beta phase, with between 30 and 50 testers. This selection is made up of randomly selected community members from all backer levels of the Kickstarter campaign. You can report bugs from within the game; the developer receives the logs in his bug tracking database.

Wider access for beta backers

However, phase three will only get really hot from October 18, which will make the kick-off 2022 beta available to all backers who had expressly chosen this option when making their donation. In this context, first public impressions can possibly also be compared – despite the passion that the fans have for the manager simulation, there is of course skepticism because of the production delays.

2tainment will do its best to repay the fans for their dedication. After all, there would be little impetus in 2022 without support from the community, with 3,888 backers donating a total of almost 250,000 euros to make the project possible. The supporters certainly do not want to know anything about a debt to be settled, but the financing concept is fueling a certain amount of pressure.

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