Kendall Jenner wears the dress that will be trending in 2022

Derived from that Kendall Jenner she is a famous american model, The gradual return to activities has also marked the return of the socialite to the catwalks and that is why during Fashion Week in New York we were able to see her open the Michael Kors show.

At this event we could see Kendall Jenner wearing a beautiful black sequined dress, perfect for a formal evening activity, and what attracted the most attention was the cut because it is a cut-out dress that was a hit in spring. summer 2021 and that tells us that it will continue to dominate in 2022.

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And it is that the proposal shown by Michael Kors and the younger sister of Kim Kardashian It is charming, because we are all in love with dresses and cut-out garments, so we will undoubtedly love to wear it throughout 2022 in garments for different events.

Kendall Jenner’s dress tells us that for spring-summer 2022 the trend is to bet on dresses with cuts and romantic shapes, so if you still do not have cut-out garments in your wardrobe, you should not hesitate to acquire an elegant dress that will make you raze wherever you go.

And it is the dress that Kendall Jenner wears with elegance that is perfect for all silhouettes, so you should not worry that the garment does not fit you, but a cut-out dress could become your best ally to highlight your curves and you can combine it with some sandals just like the businesswoman did.

Undoubtedly the dress with high waist and low neckline that the sister of Kylie Jenner It is a charming proposal for an evening activity, and above all, betting on a cut-out dress will make you an excellent bet and the best thing is that you can choose the option that you like the most.

Remember that the cut-out trend is applied in various areas of the garments, it can be at the waist, legs, shoulders, necklines, or wherever you can think of, some are even combined with transparency and lace to give them an extra sensual touch.

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But if you have not yet convinced yourself with the cut-out style, do not worry, there are many other designs that you will surely love, so remember two things: the first, about fashion, what suits you; And two, less is more, so don’t be afraid to go for classic styles to always shine.

Kendall and how to wear a vest and pants

Without a doubt the 25-year-old socialite She knows very well how to take advantage of her figure, that is why we recently saw her wearing high-waist pants that stood out when combined with a vest, a bet that you cannot stop wearing in autumn-winter.

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