Karol G’s sister turns on the nets showing her impressive silhouette

Since a time ago, Katherin Giraldo, the singer’s half sister Karol G, is a trend in social networks for his particular publications so his popularity has grown by gigantic steps. It is that in them he shares various photo productions that all his followers from all over the continent fall in love with. This time it was not the exception since he again made a publication on his profile that dazzled all his followers.

It is that a few hours ago, in his official account feed of Instagram, the talented Colombian, shared a series of photos since she not only captured everyone’s eyes but also confirmed that she is the owner of a great figure. In the images you can see her in the foreground posing with a set of burgundy underwear that made it clear that she is one of the most beautiful women in the coffee country.

Changing the subject and about his personal life, Katherin Giraldo a few months ago he spoke exclusively with daily MDZ and stated that he has no relationship with the singer Karol G, but what if in the past they were quite close with her, her sisters and her father. In addition, the young Colombian is described in her official accounts as a stylist and model, which is why she has great popularity on the network. This has been made clear on various news portals as well as on their own profiles.

Also also in various interviews with the entertainment media, Katherin It has been reported that when her mother died she began to behave inappropriately that her father did not like, so she stopped having contact with him and his half-sisters. However, before that moment, said young woman affirmed that she had a good relationship with her father since he was very present in her life.

Finally, in an interview with a media outlet Colombia, KatherinHe stated that he would like to regain the emotional bond with his family. She also made it very clear that it has nothing to do with economic issues but that it is only to regain their support and to be united with them again.


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