Karol G’s Cuban Manicurist Reveals Favorite Nail Trends for 2022

The Cuban influencer and businesswoman Ibett Sanchez, turned into a stylist of preference among celebrities in Miami, revealed what will mark trend at the beginning of the year in terms of nails and predicted that men’s manicure will take hold in 2022.

Sánchez, who today works around the world as the official manicurist of the singer Karol G, shared with CiberCuba his recent work with the Colombian singer and described the styles that will govern preferences in the field of manicure.

“The square and long nails, in addition to the almond style of a medium length will be the main styles for these months of January, February and March,” said Sánchez, who immigrated to the United States just eight years ago.

The manicurist announced that In 2022 it will add male stars of urban music to its select group of clients, an announcement that he will soon share on his Instagram account.

“The male manicure will also be a trend this year. However, it must be remembered that this fashion is something that has always existed. In fact, many men who are part of urban tribes have been characterized for decades by wearing Gothic styles, and the same happens with followers of heavy rock, “said Sánchez.

However, she foresees that for this year “men’s manicure will be one of the biggest fashion trends”, in reference to the style that stars such as Bad Bunny, Camilo Y Raw Alejandro.

Trends for 2022

For those who wish to maintain a softer style, the Nude colors with glitter enamels are those recommended by Sánchez, creator of the brand Ibett Nails.

“For those who enjoy a more romantic or classic style, the French manicure, the designs in minimalist style and the classic black color are trends that will continue to be present these months ”, highlighted the expert.

He also assured that the Pearl Nail Art (manicure with pearls) will continue to be present for simple women, but who like to always look elegant.

“Pearls are always a good option, and they never go out of style because they are capable of transforming our look creating an even more feminine appearance,” he added.

And he could not miss the story about his sustained task as manicurist Karol G.

“With Karol G we decided to start the year with square, long nails and we bet on the vibrant red color, and I am happy to see how this look is already beginning to be used in various countries,” said the manicurist, who recently made the Bichota tower with the urban singer.

In 2020, Sánchez positioned the nails in 3D with Karol G, a trend promoted by tennis star Naomi Osaka today, and two years later her goals are still high.

“My goal for 2022 is to continue breaking down borders, leaving high the name of Cuba, and leading the market through my brand and products of excellence. I want to show that the Nails Art It is here to stay and to be a fundamental part not only of the style of an artist, but also of the personal stamp that women and men seek to highlight from our personality ”, concluded the businesswoman.

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