Karen Ab americano warns Gustavo Petro that he received bundles of bills and she did not

The fight between the former ICT minister, Karen Abudinen and the presidential candidate of the political opposition, Gustavo Petro He writes new chapters every day, the two have sustained a heated fight through Twitter in which he has “taken out the rags in the sun.”

The matter began in Spain where the candidate of the Historical Pact in the presentation of the coalition of left and alternative parties stated that in Colombia they have ´abudineado´ public money, which did not like the exalted official of the government of Iván Duque Márquez.

The former Barranquilla minister stated that Petro slandered her and that she used her last name to refer to a scam or a robbery and attacked the senator saying that he is a criminal who has killed, kidnapped and banned, reminding him of his past as a member of the missing M-19 guerrilla.

Gustavo Petro published, also on twitter, a response to the former official saying directly that ´Public offices are not for the corrupt´ and that ´the position of the corrupt is in jail´He also added that in his government those who steal their own money will be imprisoned.

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Karen Abudinen published the old video in which Gustavo Petro is seen putting banknotes in a bag. Photo: Twitter @karenabudi

Karen Abudinen has repeatedly said that she Not a penny has been stolen and it has nothing to do with the case of ´Centros Poblados´, a scandal in which 70 billion pesos were given in advance to a questioned company, which also did not carry out any connectivity work, which is why the contract with the consortium was canceled and an investigation was opened.

In a post on twitter, Karen Abudinen published a video revealed in 2018 by the senator of the Democratic Center, Paloma Valencia, in which Gustavo Petro is seen collecting and storing what appear to be wads of billsHowever, the law did not find merits to convict the presidential candidate for this fact.

“Gustavo: So, according to you # EnTuGobiernoTuNoEstaás because I received bundles of bills and you did !!!”, wrote the former official Abudinen as the headline prior to the video posted on twitter.

Although the video of Discord was released in 2018, lThe Special Chamber of Instruction of the Supreme Court of Justice determined that the recording corresponds to the year 2005 and that for this reason it prescribed all criminal action for possible crimes against the mechanisms of democratic participation, such as money laundering, bribery, illicit enrichment, among others..

The fight between Abudinen and Petro seems to want to stay and has daily deliveries, you have to see what the response of the presidential candidate will be.

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