Kanye West Says In Song That God Saved Him From Crash In 2002 To Beat Pete Davidson

Kanye West is bringing his real-life issues to his art.

In a snippet that went viral, rapper Kanye West rhymes about hitting Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, who is the mother of his children. In the short 20-second snippet he can be heard rapping, “God saved me from an accident, just so I could kick Pete Davidson’s ass” raps the artist on the soon-to-be-released song.

After Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from the rapper, she appeared a few months later with Pete Davidson, while Kanye West still showed that he wanted to get his marriage back together. Kim Kardashian recently took her new boyfriend on a romantic getaway to the Bahamas, and apparently, it’s a spot her ex Kanye West knows all too well.

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“Kanye doesn’t understand why Kim would take Pete to Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas for their first vacation together,” a source shared with HollywoodLife.com. “To be honest, it seems disrespectful to Kanye because it was exactly where she took Kanye to celebrate his 40th birthday a few years ago. Kim has rented out the entire island to him, so it’s obviously a special place in his heart. But now it looks tarnished because she decided to take Pete there.” said the source.

See the snippet of the song below.

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