JxC’s furious claim after Aníbal Fernández’s threat to Nik

The cartoonist I expressed his fear on social media after receiving an intimidating message from the Minister of Security, Anibal Fernandez. Specifically, the national official made it clear that he handles private information about the cartoonist and used it to question an expression made by Nik against the Frente de Todos. This motivated a strong repudiation of Together for Change, to which they joined Patricia bullrich and Alfredo Cornejo.

“This is called ESCRACHE Minister Anibal Fernandez, by an opinion of I. Retract now and I warn you with the hicos no! “, Said the president of the PRO through the networks.

For his part, the president of the UCR also joined in the criticism against the Minister of Security and affirmed that what he did was threaten and attack the cartoonist. The Minister must retract and apologize for the threat against I . It is inadmissible for a public official to use personal data of a citizen to attack him, “said the candidate for national senator.

It all started with a comment from I in your account Twitter October 8. “Giving away refrigerators, jugs, graduate trips, plans, little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad to never hear the word WORK, EFFORT, FUTURE, FUTURE. The DIGNITY of the people will defeat them again,” he had written by the cartoonist.

But this Monday the Minister of National Security, Anibal Fernandez He responded with an almost mobster message that even involves the school that Nik’s daughters attend.

After seeing the national official’s comment, the cartoonist said he was afraid of being the Minister of Security and the virulence with which he came out to answer him for a simple comment. The minister of security Anibal Fernandez He dedicates a persecutory tweet to me with a “veiled” threat, implying that he knows the school my younger daughters attend. The Minister q must give “SECURITY” to all Argentines, harasses those who think differently. I’m scared, “he said.


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