Justice rejected a complaint against Gils Carbó due to lack of evidence

Federal judge Julián Ercolini filed a complaint against the former attorney Alejandra Gils Carbó for alleged irregularities in the rental of a property for the agency in 2015, upon giving rise to a request from the prosecution that concluded that what was denounced was not corroborated.

Ercolini ordered “to accept and approve the request made” by the prosecution that requested the “archive” of the case, according to the resolution to which Télam had access. “Based on the circumstances set forth and the result of the evidentiary measures carried out, the intervening prosecutor concluded that the denounced maneuvers had not been corroborated as a result of the evidence produced,” the magistrate explained.

Furthermore, in that opinion it was argued that “there are no new proceedings that may be of interest to deepen the investigation without incurring an unnecessary jurisdictional expense contrary to the principles of procedural economy that must be observed”.

The complaint was opened in April 2017 when the district attorney’s office of Saavedra y Nuñez launched a criminal action based on a news item published on the Clarín newspaper website, about “alleged irregularities in the location of a property” by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation in 2015.

The decision to rent the building at 1600 Corrientes avenue was made because at that time the accusatory model was going to be implemented and a place was needed for the operation of specialized prosecutors and prosecutors.

But on February 26, 2016, the Procurement Section of the PGN reported that by virtue of “the deferral of the implementation of the accusatory model of the CPPF, it was necessary to” reconsider the reasonableness of the real estate leases that were promoted for its implementation. “

For this reason, it was considered that in order to avoid “unnecessary expenses” and by virtue of the “prevailing budgetary restriction situation”, it was appropriate to unilaterally terminate the lease agreement that had been signed with VBR Group SA

After the initial complaint, the investigation was expanded by a presentation by Elisa Carrió and Fernando Sánchez linked to two other agreements for the acquisition or rental of real estate between 2014 and 2015.

The agency rented the Corrientes avenue building from VBR Group SA between June 2015 and January 2016 and paid 940,000 pesos per month.

“The allegations made by the complainants, without, for the time being, new measures are envisaged to clarify the factual aspects that have not been able to be verified as a result of the actions in the file,” concluded the judicial resolution. (Télam)

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