Justice 11J activist summons Cuban intellectuals for silence before trials of minors

The activist Salomé García Bacallao summoned Cuban intellectuals for their silence in the face of the trials of minors who demonstrated in the days of the 11J.

The member of the Justice 11J working group to make visible the situation of the political prisoners on the island, he asked how many Cuban intellectuals are writing about the cases of children accused of the crime against the security of the state of sedition, for which they could face up to 30 years in jail on the island.

“Future generations will feel profound shame when they review the production of certain sectors of the Cuban intelligentsia in these months, after the controversy over whether the protests were spontaneous or financed. How different if it were happening in Chile or in Colombia. I repeat: CHILDREN ACCUSED OF SEDITION. CHILDREN WAITING FOR SENTENCES OF UP TO 23 YEARS OLD FOR A POLITICAL CRIME ”, the activist also points out in another publication on her social network.

She reiterated that she should not be “relativized like the foreign press, that if they are not at the service of the government or the opposition. We are talking about SERIOUS VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS ”.

He pointed out that “as we are not talking about country projects, civic calls and theoretical crap, but about flesh and blood people, truly marginalized and impoverished families and abused to the extreme by a State that is not willing to give up a single iota of power, then the theme does not become “fashionable”, it does not catch on ”.

For several months, the Cuban activist has been drawing attention to the trials of minors detained on the island for demonstrating on 11J and the severe sentences that are imposed on several of them.

Also, this Monday he warned that that day they would begin trials against minors accused of sedition in the Havana neighborhoods of La Güinera and Toyo.

He also recalled that this week four minors under the age of 18 would be tried in Holguín, among 57 protesters on July 11, 2021.

“If they are so dangerous and if they are so sure of their guilt, why don’t they make public trials, why aren’t they televised? How they did in 1959-62 with the revolutionary courts, how they did with the Ochoa trial. Even the trial of the Moncada assailants was covered by the press during the Batista dictatorship, ”he also questioned.

This Thursday it transpired that the tax petition for adolescents under 18 in the La Güinera neighborhood was reduced from 15 to 7 years of deprivation of liberty, after concluding the trials against 16 protesters from that town.

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