Just Beyond: "We wanted the family to be able to get together to watch each episode"

Eight episodes of supernatural horror thought for teens by the brilliant mind of R. L. Stine and produced by Disney with Seth Grahame-Smith to the head. This is how it was built Just Beyond, the new series of the platform that is available now and as part of the special launches of the month of Halloween.

The team is a dream team. And is that R.L. Stine has over sixty teen horror books and is what is considered a cult author. His stories have become popular in books – like the Goosebumps saga – in Comics and on the small screen. The street of terror, that bloody triology of Netflix that the Argentines embraced is his top ten during September, it is also his authorship. Seth Grahame-Smith for his part is the one behind other successful titles in the scare industry such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or The hunt for the vampire.

Together, they elaborated these eight episodes that have the extra of combining terror with problems of pre and adolescence that give the same fear, but that are real and far, far from fiction: bullying, adolescent depression, communication conflicts with adults among others.

Both authors, in the preview of the premiere, spoke with Cba24n exclusively on what Just Beyond means to them.

Guadalupe Zamar: After watching all the episodes, I can’t help but notice a message about how adults and teenagers relate, and even though adults are no longer superheroes for teenagers, building a strong and close bond and communication is possible. . Did they think so?

Seth Grahame-Smith: We definitely think so. We wanted the family to be able to see this show all together. And because it’s Disney we wanted the protagonists to be pre-teens and teens. It was important to think about what are the fears and fears that everyone goes through: anxiety, bullying, among others. And we wanted to think about the fun way to do it, the “Just Beyond” way.

R. L. Stine: We also wanted the message to be subtle, because we really didn’t want to meddle with the horror story.

G.Z: How do you keep in touch with your adolescent side to be able to communicate effectively with them?

R.L.S: That is the difficult part of the job. You have to be in tune with them. And I’m an older man and I don’t want to sound like I’m out of the loop. So I spend a lot of time “spying” on kids, seeing what they use, what games they play, what music they listen to. It is an important part of writing for children.

S.G.S: I am very lucky because my children are at that age, at the right age. I just have to look at them and they say “You’re wrong” “I would never say that” “That’s not cool.” They are the best judges.

G.Z: In each episode there are different themes and even in the names of the episodes I find hints to other decades, perhaps a bit eighties. How did you decide on each story?

S.G.S: We tried to make each episode different, so that the public found different flavors. Witchcraft, aliens, macabre institutes.

G.Z: What are you afraid of as adults?

S.G.S: Good question. I wouldn’t want to see one of those shows. I am very afraid of the independence of my children and that they need me less and less.

R.L.S: It happens to me similar and that my youngest son is 41 years old.

G.Z: Are we going to see beyond these eight episodes?

R.L.S: We always want to generate more shows. When we start Goosebumps 30 years ago I said “Let’s do one or two” and here we are, three decades later doing more.

Just Beyond is an addictive series for the family. Each episode is intelligently chained between the terror of fiction and messages that run through problematic adolescents and families. With some details that take us to the past and remind us of those episodes from the twilight zone, it repeats an effective formula with a lot of novelty.

The series can be seen from today on Disney +.

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Just Beyond, new Disney series

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