Jupiter: the fate of the universe


It takes less than half an hour to Jupiter: the fate of the universe to bury bodies and everything that Hollywood has produced for several years in terms of grand spectacle and space opera. The time of an incredible pursuit between sky, sea and land occurring from the first reel, where Channing Tatum faces an overarmed squadron, the film leaves us speechless. And his power of astonishment will only increase for the next two hours.

The time of an epic radically devoid of downtime, the Wachos transport us with their disproportionate ambition. Their spatial fresco is a challenge to the available brain time, so much the work is teeming with bewildering details, reveals delirious arcane settings, absorbs the spectator’s slightest neuron with its invigorating richness.

Mila Kunis


Taking advantage of a linear scenario whose construction spins to lead an extremely dense story to an absolutely hellish train, the directors further amplify the impact of the film by saturating it with concepts, which would justify entire films being devoted to them.

Whether it’s a touching scene where Terry Gilliam slips in, powerful mano to mano, frenzied chases that would make even the little Pixar guys blush, or space battles of never-before-seen dimensions, we look in vain for a faux pas, a lack of taste. Even Channing Tatum’s improbable look convinces and ends up bringing a nice touch of vulnerability to this impenetrable warrior.

photo Eddie RedmayneEddie Redmayne, delicious villain

The characters are not left out. Extremely simple on paper, their writing enjoys consistency and relentless logic, each being moved by a force exceeding him and leading him to transcend his condition, in good as in evil. The Wachos manage to make the stakes, the central romance of the story and the Herculean climax that concludes this filmic apotheosis instantly palpable.

The magnificent management of space and its universe give the film a virtuosity that avenges us for countless blockbusters produced in the chain with a sovereign contempt of the public considered as a flock of goose to force-feed. Jupiter: the fate of the universe brings the great spectacle to a stratospheric level, with an ambition that we have perhaps not seen since … 1977.


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