Julio Cobos spoke of the institutional crisis and made a comparison between Alberto Fernández and the De La Rúa crisis

The national senator Julio Cobos He assured that a governance crisis has been unleashed in the national Executive after the massive resignation of his Government officials. “We are living very delicate moments, a governance crisis product of this internment between Kirchnerism and Peronism, “said the former vice president.

Pressure on Alberto Fernandez It grows and Cobos, like other opposition leaders, believe that the crisis is bigger than it seems. There, he assures that the President has lost authority. “They are limiting the president of the Nation. Perhaps the vice president is waiting for the reaction that she had when she lost an election, where she made changes. In 2009 and in 2013 she changed the Minister of Economy. Now the one who governs is Alberto Fernandez the one who governs and he has to decide whether to make changes and when to make them. There is considerable pressure. It has unleashed a true institutional crisis, “he said.

Cobos compared the cabinet crisis to what happened in another government, particularly that of the Alianza, when Chacho Álvarez resigned as vice presidency. “It happened to De La Rúa with Chacho Alvarez when he resigned even before the midterm elections and created a crisis. De La Rúa suffered the absence of a vice president and now Alberto suffers a vice president with greater power than him because he was the one who led her, “he said.

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For the national senator, the opposition must be cautious and it is the ruling party that must resolve the crisis. “We have to be prudent with our statements. It is a problem that they have to solve. We contribute so that the government changes course. The president is currently going through a difficult time,” he said.

The magnitude of the problem is not yet measured. But there are those who believe that only the tip of the iceberg has been seen. “The internal weakness was already there and the conflicts that they tell me are greater than what is seen,” said Cobos. “He does not have to make decisions trying to reverse the electoral issue because there is very little left. They do not have to think about winning the election but about changing the course so that the country is better“said the senator


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