Julieta Ortega’s moving gesture with Ana María Picchio to help her in a distressing moment

The heat hit the country, and the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings reached historic temperatures, with that mark of 41.1 degrees on Monday, which was a hellish day. Many people suffered from this context, which was maximized by the electricity and gas cuts.

Among the citizens who suffered outright was Ana María Woodpecker. The actress told her companions of the play Lost Mind that she could no longer stay at home, with shocking audio: “Girls is everything cut, it is very likely that I commit suicide”.

Ana added in the WhatsApp group: “I ran out of power, I’m drowning”. A very sensitive reading of the situation, which worried her friends on stage and mainly Julieta Ortega, who decided to take action on the matter.

Through her Instagram, Palito’s daughter described the determination he made to help Picchio: “And he came to the North Zone to tell movie plots, but with distance and chinstrap“Thus he showed her in mesh, with a cape and very fluffy in the garden of her parents’ house.

A wonderful gesture by Julieta towards the actress, the same one who is part of the theatrical staging directed by JI said Maria Muscari, in which they also participate Leonor Benedetto, Patricia Sosa y Karina K.

Ortega has a unique bond with Ana María, who is literally his godmother, through the friendship he had with Evangelina Zalazar, but he only met her when he was seven years old because they had quarreled. From that point on, Julieta always had a very loving relationship.

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