Juice WRLD’s mother reveals she ‘felt’ that rapper was going to die listening to her son’s music

Juice WRLD was hinting he wasn’t having a good time

The death of Juice WRLD as of December 2019 has still been one of the most impactful in hip-hop since then. Considering that his music told dark stories of drug addiction and depression, and that the drugs ended up costing him his life, it all seemed very avoidable. At the beginning of that year, in March, Juice released his second studio album “Death Race For Love” which included songs like “Empty” and “Robbery” where he sang about heartbreak and drug addiction.

On December 29, the mother of Juice, Carmela Wallace, visited the Tamron Hall show and spoke specifically about a song on the record that deeply impacted her. She said the second song “Maze” was a surprising message that foreshadowed her son’s fate, and when she heard it, it brought her to tears, months before he died:

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“I was very honest with him about my fear. There was an incident where I had just walked by and I was listening to some messages, I said, ‘I want to put on one of your songs.’ This particular day I was listening to a song called “Stuck in a maze”, and I started to cry. I cried. And that was months before his death. I was so scared, and told him that, I shared my experience with him. I told him, ‘If you died like this, my life would change forever, I just wouldn’t be the same’ I just couldn’t stop the tears. I knew that ultimately you get help or you don’t get it.”

Juice WRLD never got the help she needed, and her drug addiction cost her her life, a pain Wallace will have to endure for the rest of her life.

Check out the speech below:

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