Judge João Costa Ribeiro Neto, from the 1st Court of Peruíbe, on the south coast of São Paulo, sentenced a man to six years and two months of imprisonment, in an initial semi-open regime, for abuse and mistreatment of 16 dogs that were kept in extremely poor hygienic conditions. The man was also sentenced for subtraction of electricity, since the place had a clandestine connection. The decision can be appealed.

According to the records, the house where the dogs were kept was filled with feces and urine and there was neither water nor food for the animals, only spoiled food. Upon examination, it was found that most dogs had intestinal worms and were malnourished.

Photo: Fábio Pozzebom/Agência Brasil

It was also observed that the dogs had an intense fear of people, which, according to a veterinary technical report, indicates that they were subjected to aggressive and violent behavior.

“There is no doubt about the materiality and authorship of the crimes of mistreatment of animals (dogs) and theft of electricity. The abuse practiced by the defendant was intense”, highlighted the judge João Costa Ribeiro Neto in his order.

The magistrate also considered that elements indicate that the defendant ‘took advantage of the situation and context of a pandemic to commit the crime, which makes the crime even more serious’.

“The defendant committed the crime believing that he would get away with it due to the difficulty of identifying the crime, due to the difficulties and limitations arising from the pandemic. It took advantage of the calamity that, in the specific case, effectively made it difficult to repress crime”, pondered the judge.