Juani Favre will perform in electroacoustic solo-set format at La Usina Social

This Saturday the local musician Juani Favre will present a special show announced as an electro-acoustic solo-set. In the concert, the singer-songwriter will play a selection of compositions that cover different periods of his career: his latest singles released during 2020, new songs and songs from his album. You are my train celebrating its 20th anniversary. Tickets are on sale at 1000tickets.com.

Favre is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and teacher. In 2017 he was declared a distinguished artist of Rosario by the Deliberative Council. His beginnings in music dates from the late 90s as part of the mythical cultural collective and record label Planeta X where he released the records. Uruguay, You are my train, Mysteries of energy, Macromolecules, Out of solitude, and Peace science, material that was the winner of the co-productions contest of the local Municipal Publishing House.

In 2015 he released the album The wild flower (edited by Pop Art), which has the artistic production of Adrián Dárgelos (Babasónicos) and with Gustavo Iglesias as sound engineer. In 2017 he met again with Dárgelos and Iglesias, to carry out a new work entitled I wake up in the shadow.

He also knew how to collaborate with groups and soloists as a composer, singer, instrumentalist, artistic producer and sound engineer. In his many trips to various parts of Latin America, he shared the stage with internationally recognized figures, including Litto Nebbia, Babasónicos, Francisco Bochatón, Fernando Cabrera, Jorge Drexler and Juana Molina.

He was a jury and artistic advisor for competitions and festivals; and composed music for plays, dance, documentaries, and films. Among his most recent productions are the original soundtracks of the work The battle of Parque España winner of the Future Platform contest, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, and of the animated film Gaia’s journey, awarded in several international festivals.

Photo: Cecilia Córdoba

He also composed the original soundtrack for the film. Cinnamon, released in May 2020. Said film, directed by Cecilia del Valle, tells the story of Canela Grandi Mallarini, a trans architect and teacher, who was born as Ajax, at the age of 48 decided to change her gender identity.

During 2020, Juani edited four singles accompanied by their respective videos: “En La Deriva”, “A la Luz de la Aurora” which features the voice of the young musician from Rosario Antena, “Extraño y Simple” and “Futuridad” composed with artist Ani Bookx. In addition, he deepened his work as a music producer working in his studio together with Noma Muta, Ariel Costa, Múltiplo, DJ Ioio and Vanina Israel, among others and others.

To schedule

Juani Favre plays this Saturday, starting at 20, at La Usina Social de Jujuy 2844. Tickets are available at 1000tickets.com.

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