Juanes will present the Origen Tour in February 2022, in Bogotá – Music and Books – Culture

The artist and the public that has followed him with absolute fidelity through all his albums, including the new one, that of covers, titled Source, they have had to wait two years to reconfirm this long-delayed appointment.

“Finally, Bogotá, the night that I have waited so long for us to celebrate life and music,” he said, quoted by the official statement announcing the show.

“It will definitely be a different show than the one we were going to do in March 2020 -explains the singer of Ververte a ver-. I would say that now he is much better. We have taken him on a tour of the United States and Mexico and he has been incredible. It is a show where we go back to the origin, we go through the tour of the cover album and the catalog. It is a powerful show, with rock, popular music and dance. It has a bit of everything, it is a one hundred percent improved show. We have had the opportunity to prepare more, it’s like an irony: this covid-19 pandemic gave us more time to study, to prepare, so we are sharp. ”

I think that is already part of everyday life. We are learning to live with it. Until now, obviously, these decisions are made in agreement with people who are informed and know about the subject: authorities, health, mayor’s office. And let’s go ahead.
We stand firm, unless something weird happens, but we stand firm for this show. It is already a matter of taking care of ourselves, of getting vaccinated whoever has not done so, which is a very critical issue. But somehow it’s going to have to do it and learn to live with this reality, because if not, what else?

For each concert we rehearse two or three days before and put together a repertoire for that moment. There will be songs of Origin, obviously, but since there is so much music, you have to choose the best. We have a set list but it can vary. It is a one hundred percent music show, we are five musicians on stage with all the energy, impeccable sound and we are going to show a look different.

Generally we make a map, there are some parts that are wild cards, that keep changing. The boys know that I can lengthen a bit or change something, within the songs there is freedom. It is a show that is too entertaining, fun and very powerful in the dance part. The rock part has everything.

Imagine: From the age of 14 in these and suddenly, from one day to the next, stop. It was hard. But the pandemic allowed me to prepare, to study things that I didn’t have time to study before. Coming back, in the first days of the tour, I was nervous to face so many people again after being locked in the house. But the response was brutal, it was an intense show and what we did in rehearsals was reflected.

We are excited with this recognition of the foundation, which is now 15 years. These types of opportunities become a showcase for the work that Mi Sangre does and show that it has been improving and complementing each other a lot. It’s nice to receive recognition.

And are you already working on what will be your next album?

I am building it, I always try to break any scheme made before. I try to make each album have a particular and different sound, one thing is Origin, which are covers, otherwise their own songs. This starts from how I imagine each instrument and arrangement will sound like. It will always be something different than what I have done in previous years, so I am excited.

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