Juana Viale’s bombshell comment about Brenda Gandini that bothered Gonzalo Heredia amid rumors of separation

Given that the electoral ban did not allow talking about politics, the “table” on Saturday of the cycle that leads Juana Viale was focused on the presentation of The 1-15 / 18, the new fiction of Polka which has as protagonists Gonzalo heredia, Agustina Cherri and Esteban Lamothe.

A strip that, beyond the interest it generates, was in the center of attention in recent days because there are versions that ensure that it enters Heredia and Cherri “Things happen” when the cameras are turned off, a situation that would have brought the actor intense couple conflicts with Brenda Gandini.

With Adrian Suar and Diego Peretti also as guests, Gonzalo had all in his favor to feel on safe ground, although he did not have the variable “friendly fire” that came from the side of Juanita, who took a moment to throw a mischievous comment that brought Brenda table.

Everything happened after Heredia tell how, years ago, he sought them out to work in a hairdresser, where “Put curlers” and was encouraged to cut her hair. The theme led to the actor’s current hair look, who renewed the cut by shaving one side of his curly hair.

“Right or wrong?”he asked Gonzalo to the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand, who did not hesitate to compliment him with a “It looks great on you”. “I let this grow”, he continued Heredia, touching the nape of her neck, where her hair looks a little longer. “Brenda told me: ‘let it grow, leave the curlers'”, he clarified.

“Oh, did I check you out Brenda? Very well”he said while To sweat, what Juanita Shooting: “In the look you depend a lot on Brenda?” “Always!”, acknowledged Heredia. Surprised by the revelation, the driver exclaimed: “I didn’t see you so insecure!”

“Low blow…”, managed to say Gonzalo, while the rest of the diners laughed. “I wear what I wear and I like what I wear”, she continued, firm in terms of looks. “Not a suggestion?”, He wanted to know Gonza. And so, Avenue Hill: “I asked if you depended on Brenda, and you said ‘always’”.

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