Juana Viale after eating her castmate’s mouth: “Whoever can understand it, welcome to the universe”

2021 was a consecrating year for Juana Viale. Fully entrenched in the conduct of the program that she knew to be from her grandmother, Mirtha Legrand, and very much in love with Agustín Goldenhorn.

Although the latter began to be questioned in recent days. After the repercussions in which she was seen kissing another man on the mouth, now rumors arose that would link her with a Uruguayan actor.

“Juana’s relationship with this actor, Joaquín Berthold, comes from before, and now they are in a frenzy! The work is called ‘El Ardor’ and it seems that they are burning. It’s that there are hands that have sexual tension, “the host of” Intruders “of the America Channel released with his sharp tongue.

Finally, and after letting the rumor advance for hours, Juana Viale he broke the silence in “A La Tarde”. “With Joaco we are very caramelized and we love each other very much. He is married to Luciana, I am in a relationship and we kiss and we are happy, “said the actress with a hint of irony.

Juana Viale and Joaquín Berthold seem to be amused by the rumors that emotionally unite them.

“Love transcends certain codes, what happens is that there are generations that still do not understand and believe that a kiss on the mouth or a hug means love as a couple. And love is much greater than that, “he added with total sincerity, while clarifying that he was not speaking” in a comedic tone. “

Joaquín Berthold is a Uruguayan actor with a past in novels by PolKa (Argentina: land of love and revenge) and Disney (Violetta and Soy Luna), he is 41 years old and has been in a relationship for 13 years with Luciana Cruz Font, mother of his two children : Malena and Lautaro.

“Joaquín is married, he has a beautiful family. And if I shake hands with him or hug him, love is much greater. Love is enormous and whoever can understand it, welcome to the universe. And whoever doesn’t, let him learn that he has a lifetime to learn, “he concluded. Juana Viale.

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