Juan Gabriel’s song that recounts his darkest moments

Juan Gabriel is one of the most popular Mexican artists in the world, his songs They reached remote countries and were translated into various languages. But achieving everything he achieved was not easy, he had a very hard life, full of tragedies and sad moments.

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One of the darkest episodes of his life happened at the end of 1960, when, due to a false accusation, he ended up in detention. 18 months in jail from Lecumberri, in the east of Mexico City.

While the story could never be confirmed, they say it was the actress Claudia Islas who denounced him for theft after the singer will appear at his home for a private performance. However, the actress always denied it.

Something very striking about this event is that there are no records under the name of Alberto Aguilera Valadez, the real name of Juan Gabriel. The closest thing that has been found are some papers under the name of Jaime Alberto Valadez, who was imprisoned in 1967 for the crime of robbery.

“The divo from Juárez” he was able to get out of jail thanks to Ofelia Urtuzuástegui de Puentes, wife of the director of Lecumberri. She was the one who believed in his innocence and did everything in her power so that he could regain his freedom.

Within all the stormy of this situation, one good thing is that, during his time in jail, he wrote the song “I have no money”. In 1971 it became his first hit, leading him to fame and transforming him into the Juan Gabriel we all know.

“I have no money or anything to give, the only thing I have is love to love. If you love me that way, I can love you, but if you can’t, what to do ”, they are just two verses of the song that brought him out of the darkness and led him to become the star he became.

The career he built was achieved by conquering the hearts of the entire public with his simple lyrics and catchy music. But, above all, because when listening to the songs it is impossible not to relate them to some personal situation and feel identified. Juan Gabriel He achieved what very few have achieved, to penetrate the depths of people. What do their songs provoke you?

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